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Kombat Planes are great fer Kombat. They are Great fer Fun Flys, and Great fer Sport Flyin. Here are some fun things you and yer friends can do with yer Kombat Airmadillos.


Good old regular Kombat, Tie a 20 foot streamer to the end of 10 feet of string to the tail of yer Kombat Airmidillo.  Get 3 to 8 of yur friends in da air with yur Kombat Airmadillo's and have at it. Most Kombat rounds last 5 minutes.   There are lots of ways to score Kombat.  An easy way is to give each pilot a point fer takin off within one minute, give each pilot a point for cutting somebody else's streamer, give each pilot 2 points for a Kill (that's cutting the string off the other guy so he has no tail). If yer Killed ya gotta land. Give each pilot 2 points for a mid air crash (counts as a kill), if they can, let them keep flyin. At da end fo the round give each pilot still in the air a point. Finally, give each pilot who was still flyin at the end of the round a point fer every foot of streamer they have left after the event.  Make sure the judges disqualify guys who run and hide trying to keep there streamer long.

Musical Airmadillo's:

Get 4 to 8 of yur friends in da air with yur Kombat Airmadillo's and play some music real loud. After a minute or so have somebody not flyin turn the music off and just like in musical chairs ya gotta set down (land). Da last one in da air is out.  Repeat untill there is only one pilot left.

Target Race:

Make a target on a 2' by 2' piece of paper (an old grocery sack works fine) stretch this target between some limbo poles. Get 4 to 8 of yur friends in da air with yur Kombat Airmadillo's.  Have somebody on da ground blow a whistle or horn a minute or two after yur all airborne (don't tell da flyers how long). Then Race to see who can fly their Kombat Airmadillo thru da target first.  It's a winner take all event.

Drag Race:

Get 4 to 8 of yur friends in with yur Kombat Airmadillo's running and ready to take off at the near end of da field. Set up another Target like in da Target Race at da far end of da field. On yer mark, get set, GO!  First one thru da target wins.

Gotta Idea fer a Kombat Airmidillo Event, send it to AL care of kombat40@juno.com if it meets our high standerds (And you can see they ain't that high!) it'll get put on this here page.


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